Frequently asked questions

  1. While leaving the charging case plugged in, take the bee2gether vibe™ out of the charging case.
  2. Disconnect the charging cable from the back of the charging case (please be sure to ensure that the other end of the cable remains properly connected to an electrical outlet or a computer).
  3. Put the bee2gether vibe™ back into the charging unit.
  4. Wait 10 seconds.
  5. Then plug the charging cable back into the back of the charging case.
  6. Allow the unit to charge for 6 hours before attempting to turn on. 

Thanks to its non-porous waterproof surface, washing your bee2gether vibe™ couldn’t be easier. Using cool or warm water and soap, simply wash your bee2gether vibe after every use. Avoid the use of boiling water and DO NOT place your bee2gether vibe™ in the dishwasher, washing machine or in other cleaning devices where they may be exposed to high heat. The remote control should NOT be immersed in water. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth before placing it back in the carrying case.

You do not need batteries for the bee2gether vibe™. Your bee2gether vibe™ includes a high-quality, long-life, rechargeable battery that automatically recharges when stored in its case. The rechargeable system ensures that your bee2gether vibe™ is ready for action when you are, it is convenient, and will save you hundreds of dollars over its long life.

The bee2gether vibe™ is designed to provide enhanced sexual satisfaction, not wake the neighbors (although you may do that!). Despite its intense vibration and powerful multi-mode settings, you’ll be pleased to know that our product is designed to provide the ultimate in discretion emitting a quiet subtle hum that cannot be heard through even the thinnest of walls!

Unlike so many products that lose their sizzle and burn out after only a few uses, the bee2gether vibe™ is designed to last for many years of toe-curling enjoyment and hundreds of recharges.

Thanks to the non-porous waterproof surface used in the creation of the bee2gether vibe™, you are safe to use any water-based lubricants (silicone based lubricants are not recommended).

The bee2gether vibe™ has successfully helped couples of all ages and stages of life to invigorate their sex lives. No matter what your relationship status, sexual diversity, or sexual preferences—the bee2gether vibe™ is for you! The bee2gether vibe™ ’s versatility and its unique Pleasure Zone Design make this product the perfect sex toy!

The bee2gether vibe™ is currently NOT available in stores.

The bee2gether vibe™ was developed with your health and safety as a top priority... Unlike many other brands on the market that can contain dangerous materials like lead, the bee2gether vibe™ is manufactured using the highest quality silicone that exceeds the most stringent health and safety standards.

Absolutely! The wireless remote control is an essential component to the bee2gether vibe™ experience. Should you lose your remote control, replacements are available for purchase online.

We know that intimacy can happen anywhere! The bee2gether vibe™ is waterproof and safe to use in the bath, shower, in a hot tub or any other “wet” environment! However, the wireless remote is NOT waterproof, so be sure to set the desired speed and mode before hopping in the shower or tub.

Whay they're saying about bee2gether vibe™


Awesome! I had amazing orgasm and hubby lasted a long, long time.


Pleasuring my girlfriend really got me aroused. She got SO turned on, which was a huge turn on for me.


Who needs to go out for date night? The bee2gether vibe™ makes you want to stay in– all night long!


It fits so comfortably, not too tight. It hits the spot (literally) without getting in the way.